Cloud Vault

Keep safe private photos, videos & documents

Version 2.1.0
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A list of current features of Cloud Vault

Secure & Private
Secure & Private

All data stored in Cloud Vault is always encrypted, to ensure that you are the only one who can access it.

Encrypted Backup
Encrypted Backup

You can always restore your data in case you lose your device or switch to a new one.


All your photos,videos and documents are automatically synchronized between all your devices.

Protect memories
Protect memories

Protect what matters most. Keep photos and videos safe.


We don't store or even sell any bit of your information.

and more...
and more...

Many other features are on the way.

Cloud Vault

Are you looking for the way to keep your photos, videos, documents safe every where, every time? This app is for you. Cloud Vault secures private photos, videos and files by locking them down with safe PIN protection, fingerprint authentication, face-detection and military-grade encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of some of your most common questions.

A secure and encrypted storage for your photos,videos and documents.

Yes. All photos,videos and documents stored in Cloud Vault are end-to-end encrypted with a key derivation of your password.

All your data stored in Cloud Vault is always end-to-end encrypted and your Password is never shared with anyone, even with us, this makes it impossible to restore your password. Unfortunately, the very last and only option available to continue using Cloud Vault is to start over and create a new vault.

Your data is yours, saved locally on the device only. We do not collect or store any bit of your photos and videos. So we can't use it, can't share it, and can't sell it.

If you want to restore your photos,videos documents you can do this action only if you have enabled synchronization and backed up your data previously.

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Users Voice

Read what users think about Cloud Vault

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating DiveMstrAVN 路 10/04/2023
Very useful app with great support

Just download this app to assist with securing personal items, with the support of the app personnel was able to connect my phone on the same synchronization cycle. Very friendly and professional support, that quickly came after my first email.

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating Truszka 路 01/26/2024
Great app

I've been using it for a long time and I've never had any trouble.

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating It'sJen- 路 10/18/2023

So far, easy navigating, I'm loving the layout and everything, very good, thanks for the chance to review

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating Roomba78 路 11/11/2023
Omg 馃槷. Amazing!

Mass Import worth it. I have imported 500 photos in one selection. Amazing work. Thanks 馃憤馃憤

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating philbranigan 路 18/09/2023
Very easy to use

I have tried many other apps that advertise that they are simple to use. This one truly is. Keeping photos on any cloud service is always going to be risky so it's good that this app is quite transparent about how it works. You take a photo or video, upload it to your vault and delete it from your camera roll.

App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating App Rating bors2uk222 路 01/09/2022
simple and useful

This is not an expensive app but does it's job perfectly. All my bank cards pictured and hidden away leaving me feel totally safe.